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Brenda SeabrookI grew up in south Georgia in a land of story tellers. People sat on porches and around fireplaces and told stories, often the same story over and over, sometimes exaggerating a little or a lot. My mother read to me until I memorized my picture books, then I pretended to read them myself. As soon as I figured out that books had authors, I knew that was what I wanted to be. The greatest day in my childhood was the day I demonstrated to the children's librarian at the Carnegie Library that I could read and got my own library card at age six. I was only allowed to check out two books at a time on my card and two on my mother's card. Several times a week I rode my pony and later my horse to the library, tied him to the telephone pole outside the children's room and checked out four new books which I devoured. I always hated to let go of the characters in the end. So after I finished a book, I continued the stories, making up further adventures that went on and on. My favorites were mysteries and animal books.

I lived on the edge of a small town and played in the nearby woods, fields, and streams. I had a lot of animals, dogs, rabbits, horses, fish. (My first story, written in pictures when I was four, was about my goldfish that came out of its bowl and had adventures.) Now I live on an island in Florida and I still have a lot of animals, three dogs and three cats who often appear in my stories: Kipling's Raj, the golden retriever in The Haunting of Holroyd Hill and my cat Spike who was the model for the dragon in The Dragon that Ate Summer and its sequel The Care and Feeding of Dragons. My other pets are impatiently awaiting their turns in my books. I write a lot about my childhood because we were always doing interesting things. We wanted to travel so we tried to dig to China, and we swung from trees like Tarzan. We made up our own games involving spies and horses, put on plays without written scripts and a lot of shows using our side porch for a stage. (We didn't have TV in those days - it had been invented but nobody had one.) I have written about my Fitzgerald childhood in Judy Scuppernong and Under the Pear Tree and my walks with my grandfather in Looking for Diamonds.

After I graduated from Newcomb College, I married, had children, and taught school. My husband was in the Coast Guard so we moved around the edge of the country and lived in a lot of interesting places including a haunted eighteenth century fort on an island and a 23-foot long trailer. I often write about these places with my children Kevin and Kerria as characters although they are grown now. Even though we have TV and the Internet, I'd still rather read a good book than anything except write one!

My Books

The Rascal in the CastleThe Rascal in the Castle: Sherlock's (possible) Dog and The Queen's Revenge
Belanger Books, ISBN: 978-1724168832
Ages 7-10,  illustrated by Brian Belanger

Digby is on the job as Sherlock Holmes' watchdog, when a mysterious stranger arrives in the middle of the night at 221B Baker Street and Digby stows away with Holmes and Dr. Watson on a journey to a faraway castle where the king is marrying a princess.

"In the castle, Digby encounters a wild array of characters: a rat brigade smarter than the humans, a cat who allies herself with the rats, a castle hound who is not too swift (in all meanings of that word), a pack of hounds one of the guests has brought for nefarious reasons, a sneaky person caught going through Holmes’ and Watson’s satchels, various jewel-adorned guests who might not be as they seem. . . . Digby is an endearing -- and persistent -- sleuth, and nothing daunts him. And the author has done a masterful job of presenting the world through a dog’s eyes. This reader certainly hopes there are future Digby adventures in store." -- Elizabeth Varadan

Available also on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon, at MX in the UK, and the Royal Oak Bookshop in Front Royal, VA, 540-635-7070.

Scones and Bones on Baker StreetScones and Bones on Baker Street
Belanger Books, ISBN: 9781537352817 (age 7-up)
Paperback on Amazon

A scrappy London street dog blunders into a mystery at Tussauds Wax Museum with hilarious results. Digby takes up with Sherlock Holmes to "help" The famous detective with his cases.

"...perfect for budding Sherlock Holmes fans and young dog lovers.... Readers beware: a dog that can steal the heart of Sherlock Holmes can very well steal
yours." --  Claudia Mills.

The Dragon that Slurped the Green Slime SwampThe Dragon That Slurped the Green Slime Swamp
(Ages 6-10)  ISBN: 9781523492343
Paperback on Amazon.

Alastair McKnight and his friend Josh earned a camping trip with Uncle George in the Green Slime Swamp to look for the Lizard Man. Only one problem: the addition of characters from previous adventures on this trip resulting in more problems to solve but a lot of fun for readers in this third book of the series.

Finding IndiaFinding India

The story of Laura, who, after graduation, takes a spur-of-the-moment trip to India and is overwhelmed by this exotic, vibrant and dangerous world. The book is written for a YA audience, but is also suitable for middle grade readers. Available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Wolf Pie
2010, Clarion

What happens at the Pygg Brothers' house when a wolf called Wilfong comes calling and won't go away: A comic retelling of the three pigs' tale with more twists than a pig's tail.

"The story is filled with onomatopoeia ideal for read-aloud ('The wolf's teeth chattered with cold. Clickety-click! Clickety-click!'), but it's the humor in the text and illustrations that will have children laughing and wanting more." Ages 6 - 9. Publishers Weekly

On the 2010 Summer Reading List from the Tacoma, Washington, News Tribune




Cemetery Street

Cemetery Street
Published by Holiday House
Cemetery Street trailer

Available in paperback on Amazon and on Kindle (middle grade, YA)

2009 Edgar finalist
2009 SIBA finalist

A fast-paced school story, first romance and spooky mystery set on Limbo Key in Florida.

'Twas the Day Before Christmas
2008, Dutton Children's Books

The story of the writing of Clement Clarke Moore's beloved Christmas poem, A Visit from St. Nick

Clement Clarke Moore often wrote funny poetry and stories to amuse his children. On Christmas Eve 1822 he had promised to write something for them for the holiday. As he was leaving to go to the market for another turkey to be sure to have enough for the family and friends coming to Chelsea the next day he thought about what to write - a story or a poem. The driver of his sleigh was Patrick who was lively and quick. As they skimmed over the snow in the coldest winter in New York history, the rhythm of the horses made the decision for him . He would write a poem in their galloping rhythm. On their return Old Piet, a Dutch handyman in a red stocking cap helped with the horses. Moore went straight to his study and dipped his quill into the ink. Outside the window the moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow gave a lustre of midday....

'TWAS THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS is the story of how an author pulls images and events from his own life to weave a story out of seemingly thin air.


Holiday House
Available in paperback on Amazon and Kindle, ISBN: 9781517162825
Top Ten Teen Award nominee for 2008

"The action is fast-paced and becomes even more suspenseful when Nicholas discovers the secret formula . . . ."  -- School Library Journal

The Haunting of Swain's Fancy

The Haunting of Swain's Fancy
Dutton, ISBN:9781514368794
Available in paperback on Amazon and on Kindle (8-14)
Mark Twain and Volunteer State Award finalist
Winner of the West Virginia Children's Choice Book Award

"A new family, an old war and an older house provide the ingredients for this satisfyingly spooky ghost story . . . The ghostly drama's source in the Civil War lends the whole an historical frisson entitlement appropriate to the setting." -- Kirkus

The Haunting at Stratton FallsThe Haunting at Stratton Falls
Dutton (8-14)
ISBN: 9781514672952
Kid's Best Seller's List
Sequoiah Award finalist

"This is a classic, spine-tingling ghost story offering just enough drama and suspense for a creepy late-night read without being too scary." -- Bulletin for the Center for Children's Books

The Vampire in My BathtubThe Vampire in My Bathtub
Holiday House (ages 8 to 14)
Available in paperback on Amazon and Kindle, ISBN:9781508903147

"A logical step up for Goosebumps fans " -- School Library Journal

"Seabrooke's touch is light and eminently entertaining all the way to the satisfying denouement. Move over, Anne Rice." -- Children's Literature

"A light-hearted yet realistic story . . . Should entertain and encourage its readers." -- Kirkus

Sequoia, New Mexico Land of Enchantment, Maryland and West Virginia Award finalist.

Jerry on the Line republished at Backinprint.comJerry On The Line
Fourth-grader Jerry Johnson loves soccer and dreams of being a star someday but finds himself on the line ... in more ways than one!

"A light-hearted yet realistic story ... Should both entertain and encourage its reader." Kirkus


Under the Pear Tree
1997, Cobblehill, Hardcover $13.99 (age 10 up), ISBN: 0-525-65213-2
Illustrated by Roger Essley
In this sequel to the award-winning Judy Scuppernong, a new subject is introduced: boys, "an exotic species, like Tasmanian Devils or Komodo Dragons", which the three friends learn are "just like us, only different".

Judy Scuppernong
Cobblehill, Hardcover, $13.00 (age 10 up)
Illustrated by Ted Lewin
"...a delightful, delicate book full of color and light and feelings of childhood quickly caught in strong, specific pictures, tastes and smells."
--School Library Journal
Horn Book starred, Boston Globe-Horn Book honor, BCBB Blue Ribbon, Chicago Bulletin, Horn Book Fanfare, Library of Congress Books for Children, Chicago Bulletin starred.

Looking for Diamonds
Cobblehill Hardcover, $14.99 (ages 4 to 8) Illustrated by Nancy Mantha
"A fairyland of Memory."
~School Library Journal.
In a book that enhances perception, Amy accompanies her grandfather on an early morning walk and finds many gems besides the diamonds from her grandmother's dishwater in the end.


The Haunting of Holroyd HillThe Haunting of Holroyd Hill
Available in paperback on Amazon and Kindle (8-14)
ISBN: 9781516961467

"Seabrooke weaves Civil War History and a tragic love story into a fast-paced, intriguing murder mystery-cum-ghost story that is successful on all levels." -- Booklist

The Bridges of Summer The Bridges of Summer
iUniverse in conjunction with the Authors Guild
"Strong, smart, and creative Zarah is a memorable heroine. The secondary characters and the island locale come alive and are set in context with unflinching honesty." ~The Horn Book Magazine
NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies, Junior Literary Guild selection



The Swan's Gift
Candlewick, Hardcover $15.95, Softcover $5.99, also available in Gaelic.
Illustrated by Wen Hai Ma
In an original fairy tale Anton gives the gift of life and in giving, receives it himself. An American Bookseller Pick of the List.

The Dragon that Ate SummerThe Dragon that Ate Summer
ISBN: 9781518826108 (ages 6-10)
First published by Penguin and Scholastic.
Paperback on Amazon.

Alastair's summer is ruined until he makes an amazing discovery in the petunias.

"Appealing fantasy in a briskly drawn realistic setting." Kirkus.

The Care and Feeding of DragonsThe Care and Feeding of Dragons
Paperback on Amazon (ages 6 to 10), ISBN: 9781519617612

Sequel to the best-selling The Dragon that Ate Summer.

"...Alastair's scrapes both with and without Spike will keep readers smiling." SLJ.

The Chester Town Tea Party
Tidewater $8.95 (ages 4 up)
Illustrated by Nancy Coates Smith
In 1774 when the townspeople of Chester Town, Maryland voted not to buy, sell, or use tea as a sign of their support for the people of Boston, Amanda follows her brother George to a tea party he says is only for men. She borrows her brother's clothes so no one will recognize her and becomes part of an even still celebrated each May in modern Chestertown.

The Boy Who Saved the Town
Tidewater, $7.95, (ages 4 up)
Illustrated by Howard M. Burns
Barnaby Sharpe was always climbing trees to practice becoming a ship captain so he could climb masts someday. In the War of 1812, his tree-climbing helps him discover a brilliant way to outwit the British and save St. Michael's, Maryland.

"Wash Day" a poem in Heart to Heart, Abrams, 2002.

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