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Books: Biographies written for grades 3 and up: Fidel Castro, Eugenie Clark: Adventures of a Shark Scientist; Carl Sagan, May Chinn: The Best Medicine.
Other Published Works: Several articles, on subjects such as glaciers and forensic science, for Odyssey a science magazine for grades 4 to 9.
Fee: $300 for one session; fee negotiable for multiple sessions on a single day. For visits outside the Washington, DC metropolitan area, $600 per day plus expenses. (Fee will be shared with co-author Joyce Schwartz.)
Availability: Programs for grades 3 and up, arranged at least 2 weeks in advance.
Features: Joint program with co-author Joyce Schwartz: How does a biography evolve? Joyce and I talk about how we choose and research a subject, then craft the information into a finished manuscript. We use our notes, audio recordings, outlines and drafts to illustrate the writing process. Throughout the presentation, we encourage students to participate and ask questions.

An interview is one of the best ways to get information about the subject of a biography. During the second part of our presentation we challenge students to come up with probing interview questions. Then we pair them off and allow time for them to practice interviewing one another. Afterward, volunteers demonstrate their interviewing skills for the group.

If time allows, we discuss possible ways to begin a biography (for example, with an anecdote). Afterward, we encourage the students to practice writing an opening paragraph and to read their work aloud.

If requested, we will consult with teachers to adapt our presentation to their curriculum needs.



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