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Books: Critically-acclaimed graphic novels based on literary classics, including Beowulf (which Publisher’s Weekly called a “mixed-media gem”), King Lear (which Booklist named one of the top 10 graphic novels for teens), The Merchant of Venice (which Kirkus called “the standard that all others will strive to meet” for Shakespeare adaptation), The Odyssey (which garnered four starred reviews and a spot on ten "best of 2010" lists), Romeo and Juliet (which Kirkus called "spellbinding"), and Macbeth (which the New York Times called "stellar" and "a remarkably faithful rendering").
Fee: $400 for one presentation plus $50/hour travel time, plus $200 for each additional presentation or workshop on the same day (up to a maximum of 5).
Features: Basic Presentation - This is the core of most visits. I do a multimedia show & tell about my work, how I got to be a graphic novelist and what it's like. I also touch briefly on my work in the computer game industry. I show examples of my work, all the way from early childhood up to in-progress, not-yet-published books. I show the progression from an idea, a doodle, or an existing text to a finished, published work, and talk a bit about how I structure my time and stay organized. I do a live drawing demo, which is one of the highlights of the presentation. Usually I talk for about 30 minutes, then take questions for the remaining time. I need a digital projector & screen setup to which I can connect my own (PC) laptop.

I can modify The Basic Presentation to emphasize topics of special interest.

Hands-on Comic Art Workshops - In these workshops I try to give students a feel for the different stages or aspects of illustrating a story, and the range of problems and solutions involved at each stage. I show them examples and give them simple, quick exercises that get them drawing regardless of skill level. The content can be customized to the age of the students, the time available, special requests from the faculty, etc.

Exercises and concepts I cover in these workshops (time permitting) -

  • Approaching a story. Brainstorming, Story Structure
  • Designing characters and setting
  • Panel-to-panel: choosing your moments
  • Composition, zoom, and the virtual camera
  • Narration, dialog and sound effects
  • Drawing: gesture and contour. The *very* basics of anatomy and perspective.
  • Feedback, Editing, and DIY Publishing


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"When we read your Odyssey, you quickly became something of a hero among our scholars, and meeting you in person and hearing more about your work meant the world to them. Your books have played a large part in our scholars loving the classics and remain our library’s most popular. But most of all we want to thank you for showing our scholars that it is possible to spend your days doing something you love. The passion, joy, and care you bring to your work made a deep impression on our students. We hope you will visit us again next year." - Brooklyn Ascend Middle School

“He was excellent! Personable, informative, smart, a strong public speaker… and he reinforced key pre-writing steps!”

“I would recommend him highly and book him again in a snap!”

- teachers from Bancroft School, Worcester MA



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