I am an author, illustrator, storyteller, and librarian. My passion is writing stories for children. I like to read, travel, and talk about stories. As a kid in Bexley, Ohio, I liked to write and draw. I also swam, danced, rode horses, played with my dog, and tried to raise striped mice. (It didn't work.) While the Head of Children's Services in Anchorage, Alaska, I was inspired to write my first book, Don't Shoot. For my second book, Once Upon a Felt Board, I put together a collection of my felt board stories that I enjoyed telling. While living in Oklahoma, I learned to fly and became interested in women pilots. Amelia Earhart and Anne Morrow Lindbergh fascinated me, so I wrote biographies about them. I enjoyed writing these biographies because my history books often overlooked the exciting things that women did.

As the Regional Children's Librarian at Wheaton Library in Maryland, I told stories and taught others how to put together story programs. I wrote Felt Board Story Times to help teachers and librarians save time planning theme-related story times, circle times, or week-long units. I now work at the Pioneer Library System in New York as the Youth Services Consultant.

My Books

Felt Board Story Times.
Alleyside Press, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. 1997. Paperback, ISBN:0917846826, $15.95.
A resource book of theme-related chapters for teachers and librarians to use with children. Each chapter includes an original felt board story, characters to photocopy, related activities, and a bibliography of picture books to complete a story time. My favorite stories in this book are "Moonlight Mice;" a story of two mice who explore the forbidden Hall; "Just Plain Horace," a tale about a cat whose wishes turn him into a Supercat; and "Teddy Bear," the story of how Theodore Roosevelt's nickname became the name for stuffed toy bears. This is the first book I have both written and illustrated.

From "Just Plain Horace" in
Felt Board Story Times

Amelia Earhart -- Aviation Pioneer.
Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1987. Hardback, ISBN:0822504847, $17.50. Paperback, ISBN:082259515X, $4.95.
Listed by the American Society for the Advancement of Science as a 1987 Best Science Book for Children. This biography is about the first woman to fly across the Atlantic. It is a story of daring and adventure. From her childhood in Kansas to her last, ill-fated journey, Amelia Earhart stood for women taking risks and meeting challenges. Thrilled by an airshow when she was eighteen, she became determined to fly and in four years, she had her pilot's license. Six years later she was the most famous woman pilot in the world. When asked why she flew, she answered, "For the fun of it." The book is for grades 3-6.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh -- Pilot and Poet.
Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1987. Hardback, ISBN: 082250488X, $13.50. Paperback, ISBN: 0822595168, $4.95.
Listed by the American Society for the Advancement of Science as a 1987 Best Science Books for Children. This biography tells about Anne Morrow Lindbergh, a poet, essayist, and pilot who flew with her husband, Charles Lindbergh, around the world charting new routes for airlines. She braved pea-soup fog, floods, freezing temperatures, and the kidnapping of her son. She felt that an experience was not complete until it was written down and shared. This book is for grades 3-6.

Once Upon a Felt Board.
Good Apple, Carthage, Illinois, 1986. Paperback, ISBN: 0866533389, $12.99.
This collection of original felt board stories, activities, and resources is for teachers to use with children between kindergarten and third grade. My favorite stories are "Bungling Prince Botchit and the Dangerous Dragon," in which the second son of the King saves the kingdom and tames a dragon; "Gus Groundhog," a Groundhog's Day story; and "Jingle Bunny," a story about a gift-giving bunny who is stalked by a fox.

Wenda and Wade from "Moonlight Mice" in
Felt Board Story Times
Don't Shoot.
Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1978.
This is a high interest, low-reading-level adventure about polar bear hunting in Alaska. Although this book is out of print, you can borrow it from your local library. If your library does not have it, your librarian can borrow it from another library system through Interlibrary Loan. This book is for grades 2 through 6.


Born: Columbus, Ohio to Ralph H. (Owner of a 5 & 10 Store) and Virginia Robbins.
Grew up: Bexley, Ohio.
Elementary School: Bexley. Walked to school, carried my lunch.
Pets: Irish setter- Tammy; Collie - Taffy, Spider Monkey - Monkey, Mice, Sheltie - Erin.
Childhood hobbies: ballet, dancing, drawing, swimming, playing "kick the can."
College: The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Graduated B.A. in Art History & English.
Masters in Library Science, University of Maryland.
Current hobbies: flying, traveling, swimming, reading, drawing, storytelling.
Favorite food: strawberries.
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite season: Fall
Lived in Bexley, Ohio; New Carrolton, Md.; Anchorage, Alaska; Memphis, Tenn.; Topeka, Kans.; Tahlequah, Okla.; Lexington, Ky.; Stillwater, Okla.; Kensington, Md., Fairport, N.Y.
Married with two grown children.

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My publisher, Highsmith Press, has some information on my book Felt Board Story Times. They also have information about the programs and conferences that I can give. The Pioneer Library webpage has links to many different reference sites about children and books. It also has links to the homepages for many of the libraries that I work with plus links to professional library organizations.



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