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Jacqueline JulesJacqueline Jules is a former school librarian, who was intrigued by every book she put on her library shelves. As a reader and as a writer, she does not restrict herself to one genre. She is the author of over forty children’s books on a wide variety of topics. Her books include the Zapato Power series, the Sofia Martinez series, Unite or Die: How Thirteen States Became a Nation, Duck for Turkey DayNever Say a Mean Word Again, Feathers for Peacock, and Pluto is Peeved. Also a poet, Jacqueline is the author of three poetry chapbooks. Her poems have appeared in over 100 publications, including Cricket, Cicada, The Poetry Friday Anthologies, One Minute Till Bedtime, YARN Magazine, and Germ Magazine. She lives in Northern Virginia and spends her free time exercising, reading, and attending the theater. Visit her at www.jacquelinejules.com


Zapato Power Series ZAPATO POWER SERIES:

Freddie Ramos comes home from school and finds a strange box just for him.  What's inside?  ZAPATO POWER -- shoes that change Freddie's life by giving him super speed!  Find out how Freddie becomes a superhero with his fast new skills in this award-winning chapter book series.

"peppered with Spanish words and phrases. Engaging and fast-paced, this title will bait many young imaginations, particularly among the Flat Stanley crowd." -- School Library Journal.

Sofia Martinez Series SOFIA MARTINEZ SERIES:

Seven-year-old Sofia Martinez has a big personality and big plans, which makes every day memorable. Between her sisters and cousins, her family is the focus of her many adventures. From taking school pictures to doing chores, this 7-year-old knows how to make every moment count. Sofia loves her family and loves her life. What could be better?

"Everyday stories reminiscent of Ramona in an early chapter book. . . . Colorful illustrations on at least every other page should draw reluctant readers . . . ." Kirkus Reviews.


Pluto is peeved. Who can blame him? He was once considered one of the Solar System’s nine planets but was unceremoniously demoted. “Why do scientists think it is all right to change things?” Pluto asks as he roams the science museum in search of answers.

Pluto Is Peeved!, a comic-book-style picture book, takes you on a scientific journey side-by-side with Pluto, who speaks with other museum inhabitants -- such as a dinosaur, a germ, and the Earth -- and learns what exactly scientists are interested in. The answer is: everything, including him!


Jacqueline Jules is the author of many other award winning books, including Feathers for Peacock and Drop by Drop: a Story of Rabbi Akiva. To learn more about her books, please visit www.jacquelinejules.com.


Jacqueline Jules visiting a schoolJacqueline Jules loves visiting schools and speaking to teachers at conferences. Her school programs feature writing prompts, poetry, singing, and audience participation. She does presentations on her books in elementary schools, grades K-6. Her poetry presentations can be designed for classroom needs in Grades 1-12.

Teacher workshops include teaching writing, poetry, and multi-cultural literature.

Speaking fees begin at $300 for single session of approximately one hour with additional sessions $100 each. Travel expenses and additional speaking fees required outside the Washington metropolitan area. Fees can be negotiated.

To learn more contact her at jjulesATjacquelinejules.com. .



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