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Books: Kalli Dakos has been celebrating the school world since the release of her best-selling book If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand: Poems About School. Jim Trelease writes in his Read-Aloud Handbook, “I know of no single book that captures the pulse of the elementary school world the way this collection does.”

She has written many collections of school poems.  These include six IRA-CBC Children’s Choice selections -- A Funeral  in the Bathroom, Our Principal Promised to Kiss a Pig, The Goof Who Invented Homework, The Bug in Teacher’s Coffee, Don’t Read This Book, Whatever You Do! and If You’re Not Here, Please Raise Your Hand.

Her newest book, A Funeral in the Bathroom, is built around the idea that “There should be a place/kids can go/when life has dealt/another blow.”  From “Blabbermouth” to “Flushophobic” to “There’s a Sock in the Toilet,” Kalli’s poems reveal the funny -- and sometimes poignant -- stories that take place in an elementary school bathroom.  Marc Beech’s zany illustrations perfectly express the ups and downs of school life
Fee: Kalli can work with 200 children or more per session. These fees include all expenses.  Kalli no longer lives in the area, but travels back and forth often, throughout the school year.

Two assemblies - $1200.00

Three assemblies - $1500.00

Writing Workshops - negotiable
Availability: Grades K-6
(has worked with middle school and high school as well)
All school groups
Professional organizations
Features: *Kalli uses her knowledge as a reading specialist to design programs that provide sound reinforcement for standards of learning, disguised as high-energy fun and filled with audience participation

*Her assemblies and writing workshops enrich reading and writing programs and boost teachers’ and students’ spirits by celebrating the most important stories of all – the stories they live in their own school

*Kalli uses a fast-paced, interactive approach, delightful toys and props and a cast of performers from each school to keep children involved and learning while celebrating the drama of the school world

*She will have teachers and students bopping to poetry, chanting Shakespearean verse, facing “goodbyes” with courage, and sharing incredible stories from their school

*These fun-filled assemblies will pull in even your most reluctant students and inspire everyone (teachers included) to write poetry and stories about their school lives

Awards: Six Children’s Choice Selections
A Funeral in the Bathroom – Children’s Book Award Finalist

Comments from the 2014-15 School Year

It was amazing to watch the stories of our school lives come to life.

Very engaging!  Thanks for the reminder that poetry needs to be read everyday, and not just as a unit. Also, the best stories are the ones we LIVE.

I loved the energy -- students, teachers and the author (very positive) all came to life.  My students learned that they can write about anything. They all have ideas now.  I can’t wait to start a classroom journal.

Thank you for the reminder to have FUN!

Awesome!  Sharing your experiences was great – especially failure, rejections, and the sad poems.

Loved the involvement of kids and teachers --- engaging and fun with the props and toys.

Very upbeat positive vibe.  Kept the kids’ attention the entire time.

It was great!  I loved the idea of telling the kids that anything that happens to them can be turned into a story or a poem.  What a wonderful experience!



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