Author: Children’s nonfiction and fiction books, and many non-fiction articles in children’s magazines and newspaper | Washington, DC 

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Kitson has written 21 books for children, including 18 non-fiction books for National Geographic Kids. Those titles include: Gallop! 100 Fun Facts about Horses (2018), History’s Mysteries (October 2017), 125 Pet Rescues: From Pound to Palace (April 2017), Danger on the Mountain (2016 chapter book), Hoops to Hippos (2015 chapter book), Mission Panda Rescue (2016), Mission Tiger Rescue (2015), Mission: Wolf Rescue (2014), 125 Cute Animals (2015, contributor), 125 Wacky Roadside Stops (2016, contributor), 125 True Stories of Amazing Pets (2014, contributor) and reader biographies: Helen Keller (2017), George Washington Carver (2016), Sacagawea (2015), Rosa Parks (2015), Martin Luther King, Jr. (2013). Fiction titles include two books written for Boys Camp Books, a series of middle-grade novels by Sky Pony Press that celebrate boys and the joys of summer camp: Boys Camp: Zee’s Story (May 2015) and Boys Camp: Nate’s Story (November 2013).

Kitson's first book for children, Carrot in My Pocket, a picture book, was published in 2001 (Moon Mountain Publishing).

Kitson regularly contributes to children’s magazines including National Geographic Kids, American Girl, and Young Rider. In 2015, she profiled a young girl working to help kids in foster care. The story made national news.  Her work appears frequently on the Washington Post’s KidsPost page. She writes 40-50 articles a year, usually about amazing kids and animals. She also writes for national horse magazines, dog magazines and has contributed to the Washington Post Magazine and

Fee: Within Washington, D.C. metro area: $750 for two back-to-back presentations approximately 45-60 minutes long. Group size from single class up to about 150 students. Additional presentations $250 each. Basic travel expenses added for visits outside the DC metro area.
Availability: Grades preK-8th grade, including homeschoolers.

Flexible, interactive programs (with visual aids) tailored to the following topics, with discussions about the writing/book making process with lots of visual aids and lots of Q&A.

Writing About What You Love: Interactive presentation for grades 2-8 focused on the power of writing about what you love. In my case, most of the time it’s about animals – from wolves and giant pandas to rescue horses, tigers, lions, seals, lots of dogs, donkeys and a giraffe who lives in her family’s house. Hear stories of how I got started writing as a kid and how reading and writing BECAME MY SUPER POWER and shaped writing life today. Interactive talk about the writing, revising, and publishing process, including visuals like scribbles, drafts, galleys, illustrator's sketches, lists, behind-the-scenes stories and highlights of editors’ comments. Also specific discussion to get kids thinking about what they love and how it can inspire them to write their own stories.

Martin Luther King, Jr./Civil Rights: Interactive presentations for grades 1-4 focused on MLK for anytime or around his birthday (January), Black History month (February), anniversary of his death (April), or the anniversary of the “I Have a Dream speech” (August). I will share stories about meeting Dr. King’s family and hearing from his big sister about the day he was born. Can also expand to general All About Civil Rights, and talk about the books written about Rosa Parks and George Washington Carver and even a young contemporary who has stood up to critics who say her two dads should not have adopted her. Powerful!

Endangered Species: Get kids involved with saving endangered species! This interactive presentation for grades 1-8 focuses on endangered species like wolves, tigers and giant panda for anytime or targeted around World Wildlife Day (March) and Endangered Species Day (May). Learn all about endangered species and how kids can use their voices and their love of animals to make a difference.

A Visit to Camp Wolf Trail: Interactive presentation that take us right to summer camp! Adventure. Action. Suspense. Exhilaration. Friendship.  I’ll read from the book and talk about Camp Wolf Trail, where Nate’s Story takes place. The story is about a boy who loves birds, fears horses, and most adventurously, finds himself face-to-face with a forest fire–while riding a horse. Zee’s story, the third in the Boy’s Camp series, is a book about a boy who saves the camp dog from drowning in an amazing episode with a kayak.

Farm-Focused Story Time for pre-K and K students focused on Carrot in My Pocket with a discussion about farm animals, farm life, rhyming words and how a picture book is made. I’ll bring visuals like lists, drafts and artist’s sketches, plus props from the barn to touch, like a horse’s halter, horse shoe, brushes and maybe even a basket of carrots with their green tops still on or a bucket of grain to scoop.



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