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I’ve published more than 70 books for young people of all ages, including the following:

  • Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman, Charlesbridge 2012 - nonfiction picture book - Junior Library Guild Selection
  • Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman, Knopf 2008; nonfiction picture book; ALA Notable, multiple starred reviews, multiple “best of the year” lists, featured on front page of USA Today
  • Vanished: True Stories of the Missing, Scholastic 2010; text-only compilation of seven riveting, diverse stories
  • Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day grades 2-3, Scholastic 2010; each cartoon caption contains a bolded vocabulary word—to get the gag, kids must learn the definition!
  • Vocabulary Cartoon of the Day grades 4-6, Scholastic 2005
  • What’s the Difference?: How to Tell Things Apart That Are Confusingly Close, Barnes & Noble 2005 (new YA edition forthcoming with publisher to be announced)
  • Quick Nonfiction Writing Activities That Really Work, Scholastic 2009
More information about my books is at

$1,500 day rate for up to three school presentations, including Q&A; travel expenses for engagements more than 50 miles away.

Please contact me for costs for other engagements (libraries, evening lectures, workshops/seminars, residencies, events requiring overnight stays, aquarium talks over tank of live sharks, etc.).
  • Since 2001, I’ve given hundreds of presentations nationwide (and, starting in 2011, internationally) at schools, libraries, conferences, festivals, a business luncheon or two, and other venues. I also love being on panels.
  • Ages K-adult, with emphasis on grade 3-adult.
  • Any size group (though K-2 must be a separate presentation).
  • My minimal requirements are detailed in my simple contract, sent upon scheduling a date.

“That was one of the best presentations we’ve had EVER! Not only did you inspire kids to love writing, which is great, but you promoted their development as human beings.”

—Laura McKone, 5th grade teacher, Mark Twain Elementary, Centennial, CO

“I can tell you with complete honesty that [Marc] is the best, the very best, in inspiring children. He is able to empathize with them (and adults, also) to an incredible degree. As a matter of fact, he becomes a role model for many of them. One fifth-grader wrote in his evaluations, ‘Mr. Nobleman’s name fits him. He is a noble man.’ His books have the same kind of integrity. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

—Susie Mee, Director, Authors Read Aloud (a Learning Leaders program), New York, NY

“To say that [your] presentation was outstanding is almost an understatement. I’ve been the Head of Lower School for 30 years. After [your] assemblies, all of the adults agreed that [you are] the best presenter we have ever had.”

—Dana Hahn, Head of Lower School, Wheeler School, Providence, RI

“The staff and the students thought you were terrific. One of the teachers said you were the best author I’ve brought in (and this is my 6th or 7th year doing this with some really great authors). Orders for your books flooded in from the students. That has never happened to the extent it did with you.”

—Peggy Chace, librarian, Hanaford School, East Greenwich, RI

Any of my talks can be adjusted for an audience of any age.

My standard school presentation is a diverse, lively “behind-the-scenes” look at an author/cartoonist, including a look at incidents in my childhood that influenced my career, my experience writing humor for Nickelodeon, live cartoon sketches (the audience votes on what they want me to draw), empowering stories (famous and personal) of overcoming rejection, inspirational tales of persistence paying off, a cartoon game with a popular twist, and a few surprises. I share fun, accessible tips on making writing stronger as well as powerful, practical advice for anyone who wants to write—or pursue a passion of any kind.

Other topics:

Draw a Story, Write a Cartoon – No, that isn’t backward! This is a two-part writing workshop. Part one focuses on drawing readers in by writing compelling opening lines. Part two focuses on creating humorous cartoon captions. The art of the cartoon is not only the art but also the writing!

The Language of Cartoons: What’s So Funny? – We remember what we find funny, so cartoons can help us retain what we’ve learned. This is a visual literacy (NOT a “how to draw”) workshop. After I share tips and tricks that cartoonists use, from the “magic of three lines” to the multiple types of word bubbles, you will see how we all learned a language without realizing it. When done for teachers, I include ideas on incorporating humor into curriculum.

Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman – This is the first stand-alone biography of writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, who were still awkward teenagers when they created the world’s first superhero during the Great Depression. The presentation includes the surprising discoveries I made while researching both on-site in Cleveland and online, the authentic “hidden” touches I snuck into the text and art, and the debunking of several Superman myths. A celebration of heroes and of kids with dreams.

Nonfiction Is Non-Boring – The cliché “Truth is stranger than fiction” is not the whole truth. Truth can also be more exciting, scarier, funnier, or sadder than fiction. Just because a story really happened—even if it really happened to YOU—does not make it easier to convert to a written story. This presentation reveals many of the tips and tricks I’ve developed (or discovered) in writing more than 60 nonfiction books. A nonfiction writer is a detective, reporter, and psychologist all at once. How could that not be fun?



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