Falls Church, VA
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I have been a child for as long as I can remember. Now that I have grown to grandfatherhood I realize that I have never stopped being a child. It is therefore altogether fitting that I have gravitated to the proud ranks of the Washington Children's Book Writers Guild, whose laudable mission is to assemble those women and men learned in the art and craft of giving voice to the connecting talents devoted to the creation of children's books. All of this is, of course, goobledee-speak for having fun writing in the children's book market.

Born in Washington and an adopted native of Virginia, I have been writing for newspapers, then magazines and finally books from my teen years. The range of my work stretches across disciplines in disjunctive fashion in both adult and juvenile categories, with titles such as The Immune System and Outbreak: Disease Detectives at Work. My day job is as a trial lawyer, but during recess I write books. My present writing activities are directed toward science, medicine and history for the junior and senior high school reader, although I do not set age or topic limitations, and I would always welcome a new quest.

Please visit my website for a selected list of publications, recognitions and reviews: www.friedlanderbooks.com.



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