Author, Illustrator: Northern Virginia
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Books: Grades K-4: Bravo, Livingstone Mouse!; Roar! A Noisy Counting Book; Clara Caterpillar; Warthogs Paint: A Messy Color Book; Slop Goes the Soup: A Noisy Warthog Word Book; The Boston Tea Party: Wake Up Kisses; Muldoon. Four Famished Foxes and Fosdyke; Some Smug Slug; Livingstone Mouse; Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad; Dinorella; Honk: The Story of a Prima Swanerina; The Wacky Wedding; Ed and Fred Flea; Warthogs in the Kitchen: A Sloppy Counting Book; The Worrywarts; The Grumpy Morning (illustrated by Darcia Labrose); Little Brown Hen's Shower (illustrated by Darcia Labrose); Rude Mule (illustrated by Barbara Nascimbeni).

Henry Cole's books not written by Pam Edwards: Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats; Jack's Garden; Moosetache; I Took a Walk; Little Bo.

Fee: Negotiable depending on distance
Availability: Grades K - 6. Any size group
Features: The Author and Illustrator Together! We have both been involved in education for many years. Our experience tells us that children learn through laughter. The first part of our presentation involves a confrontation as to who is more important, author or illustrator, culminating in the obvious decision that both are equally necessary to a picture book. After walking the children through the processes involved in bringing about such a book we invite the children to work with us in creating a page together. We finish the presentation with a question/answer session.



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