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Picture Books
Busy Toes
(pen name C. W. Bowie),
Busy Fingers
(pen name C.W. Bowie),

Holiday Books
The Groundhog Day Book of Facts and Fun
The Halloween Book of Facts and Fun

Picture book biography for elementary School
To Fly, the Story of the Wright Brothers

Biographies for older readers (4th grade and up)
The Wright Brothers Inventors of the Airplane (their complete life)
George Washington

Thomas Jefferson
James Monroe
Duke Ellington
Louis Armstrong
Marian Wright Edelman

$1,000 per day - three or four presentations
$500 evening or half day presentation
Travel Fee -- free, if within 50 miles of San Diego CA. Expenses paid if further away or overnight.
Experienced speaker for all ages
Adventures with Nonfiction -  a talk about my adventures researching my books, including a bit about how a book is published, complete with what a book looks like after printing and before going to the bindery.
  • Kindergarteners and 1st grade - focus on creating picture books, picture book biographies and a bit about nonfiction
  • Adults 
    • "So You Want to be a Writer" - the ins-and-outs of publishing, with a focus on writing and researching, choosing a topic (nonfiction and chapter books) and getting from idea to book.
    • "Picture Book Biographies" - a history of the publication of picture book biographies/how to write biographies.
    • "Better Beginnings and Endings"

I bring a three-foot replica of the Wright brothers' Flyer, a stuffed groundhog puppet, and a stuffed black cat.

Optional craft for small groups: you need to supply scissors, glue sticks and duplication on white paper.



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