Membership Criteria for the Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC

The Children's Book Guild of Washington, DC provides opportunities for DC-Metro area professionals to engage with others in the local and national children's literature community.

The Children's Book Guild (CBG) welcomes published authors and illustrators, as well as librarians and media specialists, literacy and literature specialists, publishers, editors, reviewers, booksellers, scholars, nonprofit organizations, and other professionals working in disciplines concerned with literature for young readers.

CBG membership provides opportunities to gather throughout the year to share and exchange information, ideas, and experiences about the creative process, issues of publishing and promotion, writing trends, literacy, and to learn from visiting colleagues in the field. We encourage and promote inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the field of children's literature.

Membership benefits include priority access to CBG’s Speaker Series and Nonfiction Award event, an opportunity to hear from top authors, illustrators, editors, and others about their work and current topics in the field; social media support and a member newsletter for sharing your news; for authors and illustrators, a dedicated author/illustrator page on the CBG website; links from our membership page to all member sites. Active members are encouraged to attend a minimum of three CBG events per year, and expected to contribute to Guild activities.

We welcome new members throughout the year. To apply for membership, simply fill out this form. There is no fee to apply. Membership dues are $75, renewed each spring, and prorated for new members. We offer scholarships to those for whom dues may pose a financial hardship.

Membership Criteria:  

For Author and Illustrators
Works should include at least one published book by a traditional publisher and a second book either published by or under contract with a traditional publisher. Traditional publisher is defined as a publisher who assumes the cost of publication and marketing. At this time, self-published works do not meet the requirements for CBG membership.

For Those Working in Other Media
In the case of persons working in media other than books, original work must constitute, in the opinion of the Membership Committee, the equivalent of two books by writers and illustrators. At least fifty percent of this material must have been created and presented to audiences within the past five years. The Membership Committee should be supplied with reviews of these presentations, if available, and with links to video or other relevant media, as well as with information about current viewing and/or broadcasts. 

For Librarians and Media Specialists, Editors, Reviewers, Literacy and Literature Specialists, Publishers and other individual applicants: Please see the application form for information to provide.

Organizational Memberships for Publishers, Organizations, and Independent Bookstores
The Children’s Book Guild welcomes applications from DC-Metro area publishers and organizations whose work may be either local, national, or international in scope. CBG often partners with its organizational members for initiatives such as its annual CBG DC-Metro Youth Literacy Grants, which are facilitated by member organization First Book.

Publishers and organizations seeking membership should submit background information about themselves and their work, and its relevance to the mission of CBG.

The Children’s Book Guild also welcomes applications from DC-Metro area independent bookstores whose sales include, or who specialize in, literature for young readers. CBG partners with member bookstores for sales at its events.


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